Frequently asked questions


First, we arrange a tour of the premises and implement a technical focus and photo documentation. Then we deal with the preparation of the necessary wiring and installation. And then the implementation on the iC Cloud and the calibration of the sensors for the final handover.  

We offer an option of distribution of payments (CAPEX / OPEX),  according to customer’s preferences and by individual arrangement.

In the monthly fee, regular reporting, access to the web interface with processed statistics and charts, the possibility to compare two periods, individual settings of the web interface according to users’ rights, data administration, servicing and exchange sensor failure, updates and new features are included.

Installation is simple and we offer two options. The first is through POE (power over ethernet) or the second option is wifi + 230V.

We guarantee the accuracy of counting on 96 % or more.

Installation, zoning, calibration, transmission to the iC Cloud and creation of rights and access data.

The sensor can be moved freely within the building, but it is necessary to prepare the wiring for new locations. For calibration, it is not recommended to move the sensor more than once every 3 months.

With us, you have access to iC Cloud, i.e. data available immediately online. Then there is the possibility of XLS export of raw data (daily as needed) or weekly and monthly summary reporting in PDF form.

Yes, via API (application program interface) we are able to connect you to other platforms.