Benefits of using smart sensors for your business

Know your customers' shopping path

Identify the most used areas of the store based on the time spent by customers at the monitored location. Reveal the areas with the best performance or, on the contrary, unused places.

Keep track of customer behaviour in the store

Recognize customer behaviour patterns, such as individual or group behaviour. Reveal different characteristics such as gender, age and average time spent in the store. Find out where customers are shortening their route and use your sales space to 100 %.

Set up marketing campaigns efficiently

Get to know your customer so you can better target discounted products or marketing campaigns and increase profits. Data on the attractiveness of individual products and placement in the store is a powerful marketing tool for creating a strategy and selling advertising and exhibition space inside the store.

Reduce the occurence of queues

Do you want to know the times and places where queues form most often? Thanks to data from smart sensors, you can easily prevent or reduce them to customers satisfaction. Use the Heatmap extension to discover where people go most often and where they aggregate. Prepare interesting goods directly to the most common routes.

Expand your team in exposed times

Find out what time your customers come to you for shopping and adjust your workforce accordingly.

Use the technologies of the future

Artificial intelligence, which is part of our sensors, is flexible and easily adaptable to the current requirements of the market and the client. We also do not defend the development of other tailor-made functions.

Get to know your customer

Evaluate the behaviour of your customers by individual tenants. Will it be profitable to exchange some tenants and thus increase the attendance of the centre? In addition to the number of people, also recognize customer behaviour patterns such as individual or group shopping and other demographic characteristics: gender and age or perhaps the average time spent in the centre.

Improve target marketing

Analyze data and improve your marketing campaigns. Monitor the behaviour of your customers and their movement. Get valuable statistics on the number of people and other demographic indicators, which you can then use to plan activities and make daily or weekly comparisons.

Have a firm position when negotiating the amount of rent

Focus on the visitor rate of individual tenants and look for ways to optimize rent. You can present tenants with real numbers about customer behaviour, you have detailed information about each unit.

Watch the average visitors rate, its growth and decline

Have a better overview of fluctuations in unit visitors rate and evaluate the TOP 10 most and least visited tenants. Thanks to the availability of data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis on an online platform, you can track trends in customer behaviour in great detail. The regular management reports are a matter of course.

Get important operational information

Monitor the passage during busy hours and save energy on the operation of escalators and travelators, or shorten the time of the presence of servicing personnel at the busy time of the centre. Save manpower at less exposed times while ensuring smooth operation.

Discover dead zones and unused places

Make the most of your space and fill dead zones and unused spaces effectively.

Reduce costs on energy consumption

Thanks to smart sensors, you can get an overview of the movement of employees and occupancy of the building in real-time. Simply reduce operating costs.

Predict outages in rental income

Recognize whether the tenant is going to terminate the contract and be prepared for a loss of income in advance. This way you can avoid lease outages for unused space.

Keep track of your building

Get real-time data on how people flow in and out, what elevators they use, or what hours of the day or night they move around the building. You get accurate and verifiable data as opposed to numbers from turnstiles and chip cards. Tenants often do not use chips and turnstiles correctly, so the data from these outputs can be misleading.

Track your space usage data in real-time

Keep track of crowding, use of canteens at specific times, or blind spots in your building. You will get accurate information about how many people are currently on specific premises at a given time. Instantly on-line from your mobile device.

Digitize passenger counting and save

Keep track of passengers getting on and off public transport vehicles. Check which stops are the busiest and at what times. This will simplify your operational planning.

Maximize the use of public transportation

Thanks to data from smart sensors, you can easily plan operational matters. You will not be surprised by changes in the number of passengers, or the need to increase the capacity of vehicles or connections.

Use passenger data to improve customer service

Improve traffic and customer experience by reducing delays and overcrowded lines.

Get accurate passenger information

In addition to counting passengers, the sensor distinguishes their age and gender or even moms with a stroller. We are also open to further development of customized features.