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Do you want to evaluate interest in discounted products? To know customers' demographic data and target your ads better? Improve the layout of the sales area and maximize profit? To measure the attractiveness of shop windows?

Get to know your customers. What products do they stop by?  What are they interested in? Are your shop windows attractive to customers? Do you want to know their demographics to target your ads better? After installing our smart sensors, you can easily lay out your sales area and plan better. Increase your profit thanks to counting of customers.

01Know your customers' buying journey

02Keep track of customer behavior in the store

03Set up marketing campaigns effectively

04Reduce the formation of queues

05Expand your team in exposed times

06Use the technologies of the future

Do you want to have hard data to negotiate rental rates? Know the dead zones and make better use of them? Supervise regular cleaning of toilets? Save on energy consumption in less used areas?

Show your tenants how many customers pass through your centre, where they stop and what interests them. Thanks to accurate data, you can easily set the rental fee, plan business units and take advantage of the dead zones in the centre. Reduce costs on energy consumption by efficient planning for less used space. You can also make sure that the toilets are cleaned regularly. Counting customers is an easy way to smooth operation of the centre.

01Know your customer

02Improve target marketing

03Have a firm position when negotiating the amount of rent

04Track average traffic, its growth and declines

05Get important operational information

06Discover the deaf and unused places

Do you want to predict the possible leaving of the tenant and prepare for it? To know the current and average occupancy of office and dining space?

How to use office and dining space capacity the best? Calculate when there are the most employees in the offices and when there are free capacities. According to the exact data on the movement of employees and the occupancy of offices, you can easily predict the leaving of the tenant. Plan your activities smartly with real data.

01Reduce energy costs

02Predict shortfalls in rental income

03Keep track of your building

04Monitor data on the use of your premises in real time

Do you want to know the availability of means of transport, plan the number of connections better and save money? Or streamline the flow at self-service kiosks and prevent queues?

Get to know your passengers. Which ways do they use? Where do they stop? When are your vehicles overcrowded? Work efficiently with rush hour and deploy higher capacities. Save manpower at less exposed times. Accurate data on daily rush hours allows smart planning of the number of connections and saves costs. Streamline the flow and clearance of self-service kiosks so that passengers do not have to wait in long queues. Use smart iC sensors to get up-to-date, accurate data about passengers and their movements.

01Digitize passenger counting and save

02Maximize your use of public transport

03Use passenger data to improve customer service

04Get accurate passenger information

Introducing the iC sensor

Introducing the smart iC sensor, which is universal for outdoor and indoor installations. At the same time, it is durable with the option of using anti-vandal film on the lens. Thanks to the new design, it is unnoticeable and stylish. Ensures very accurate counting of people.

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Case Studies



Pet supply network evaluates its stores with data from iC smart sensors.



iC sensors help Prague shopping centre select new tenants.



Smart iC sensors predict the leaving of tenants in an office building in Romania

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Why iC systems?

HW from our workshop with the possibility of modifications

for clients

and customizable solution tailored to each client

Convenient solution with

High precision in
COUNTING - based on
NEURAL network

NO data
cabling required

I love your system, your team has made a lot of progress which is great to see. The web chatbot greatly improves our customer service accuracy.
- Manager at VR Studio
Mike Jackson
AI LAb chatbot with all its features was a seamless plug and play into our systems and has really helped us generate more leads for our company.
- Technical Manager at VRD
Katherine Hogan
AI LAb chatbot with all its features was a seamless plug and play into our systems and has really helped us generate more leads for our company.
- CEO at Epi Technologies
Miler Smith
AI LAb chatbot with all its features was a seamless plug and play into our systems and has really helped us generate more leads for our company.
- Technical Manager at VRD

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